Fort Worth

The Best Things To Do in Fort Worth, Texas

Walk Around Sundance Square

Sundance Square is one of Fort Worth’s most walkable and activity-rich downtown districts. If you live nearby, be sure to check their local events calendar for forthcoming celebrations. This is the ideal location for a sunny day, as it is fully outside!

The Bass Concert & Symphony Hall

The inside of this magnificent music performance theatre will take your breath away. Go here to see a symphony or a play, and be sure to take a bathroom break just to admire the magnificent facilities. Definitely a fantastic Fort Worth midnight activity.

Fort Worth’s Zoo

My favourite Texas zoo! Not only is the Fort Worth Zoo reasonably priced, but it also houses an astounding array of species. A delight for all.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

I cannot emphasise how cool the water gardens are enough. This is one of the most interesting things to do in Fort Worth, with three stunning waterfall-like formations. It is exceptionally scenic for my bloggers and photographers!

Panther Island

On Panther Island, spend the afternoon kayaking and paddleboarding. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the Trinity River and the sun! Also, the local brewers are fantastic here.

Fossil Rim Safari Park

Although technically not in Fort Worth, this must be included. You may drive through the Safari Park to feed and interact with the animals! They approach your window directly, and you can bet they want to enter. This is a blast!

West Bend Fort Worth

Home to some of Fort Worth’s most popular restaurants, including East Hampton Sandwich Co. and HG Sply Co. If you’re interested in shopping, there are also a number of exquisite luxury boutiques in the area.

The Favourites of Fort Worth Locals

West Magnolia Avenue

I adore this section of Fort Worth! Especially beneficial for the local coffee shops and bakers. Stir Crazy Baked Goods is highly recommended since their snacks are amazing. Melt is also an excellent place to purchase ice cream in this area.

Can also hang out at Craftwork Coffee and Avoca Coffee, both of which are located nearby. This street is so pleasant to stroll down on a sunny afternoon!

The Foundry District

There is some gentrification occurring in this area, so let’s start there. But I adore Doc’s Vintage and Record right here, which is a Fort Worth institution. Also a huge admirer of the just introduced Craftwork coffee at the Foundry. And there are plenty of additional stores and happy hour spots in the area.

West 7th

Mentioned in my Fort Worth nightlife section, but also fantastic during the day! I enjoy beginning the day with coffee at Ampersand Coffee Shop, then exploring the Museum of Modern Art, and concluding the day with cocktails at ANY of the area’s fantastic bars. Cannot go wrong!

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